Mekka Fitness

Powerlifting #

I do raw, natural, powerlifting and bodybuilding. Raw means I don't lift in any specialized clothing, canvas shirts, or fancy equipment. Natural means I don't use any performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). I have nothing against anyone who chooses to go the PED route, it's just not for me. You do you.

Here are my best lifts:

I only have one powerlifting goal left in life: 500 lbs on the bench. I'll achieve that in 2021. I've done 495 twice, most recently in 2019.

Google has a fitness competition called the Google Fitness Games (GFit Games). I usually win the bench press, both absolute and lb for lb., mainly because the two women that are stronger than me never bothered to show up! :) I'm stronger than all the men, both lb for lb, and absolute, because I have a lot of lbs. But lb for lb, these 2 women are stronger.

Kinda powerlifting #

Technically, I don't compete in powerlifting, because I bench, but I don't do the other 2 disciplines anymore. I don't deadlift, because I don't want to adapt to hook grip, and I don't want to tear a bicep. I don't squat in competition, because I don't work on my flexibility enough to reach depth safely with any serious weight. I'm working on regaining flexibility, but I'm still not going to squat super heavy. Heaviest I go these days is 495 lbs.

Not really bodybuilding either #

Most of the year, I'm over 20% bodyfat, because I like to enjoy life. Occasionally I'll work my way down to about 16%, which is low for me. Then I'll head out to Venice beach, where tourists take pictures of us. I look very different at 16%. I'm not really a bodybuilder, because I don't do posing routines, I don't compete, I don't spray tan or shave, and I don't contest prep (diet hard).

Former sports stuff (Al Bundy section!) #

I played a little college football at Pomona College. Freshman year, I started at Nose Guard / DT.

I was co-captain of my college Rugby team, and along with others, lead our team to the national championship game. We were a small college, but we beat up on much bigger schools like UCLA, USC, UNLV, and San Diego State.

I played high level men's club rugby for the Riverside Killer Bees. While I was there, we were undefeated SCRFU champs, and went to the national championship tournament. We didn't win. :/

I played high school football at Phillips Academy at Andover. My senior year we were undefeated New England champs.

I studied a little Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Romie Aram and Betisse Mansouri at Millenia jiu-jitsu in Pomona. I've done some boxing and MMA. Mostly sparring, some smokers.