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Strict Military Press Up To 275 Lbs

1st day doing heavy military press (aka shoulder press) since tearing my achilles months ago. I didn't go super heavy, but we all have to start somewhere. It sure felt heavy. We will rebuild... Even when I go heavy, my focus is always on slow, controlled reps with no leg assistance or lean back. I find the full range of motion allows me to add strength without adding too much size on my shoulders or tightening up. 135 x 10 225 x 5 255 x 3 275 x 1 Vertical video. Deal with it! : )

Now that my achilles is feeling better, I can do some overhead military press again. I like to do these with strict form until I get the feel back. I went up to 275 lbs, which was not bad for 1st day back. When I get to 315, I will start push-pressing to get more reps. I find it unnecessary to go over 315. I can get as big and strong as I need to be by adding a few sets at 315. I’ll use the seated Hammer strength if I feel I really want to go heavier. Much safer on the old joints.